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Hypochlorite generation device(handy type)

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Sodium hypochlorite can be generated by electrolysis using tap water with a very small amount of salt as materials.

As sodium hypochlorite is changed into hypochlorite (HClO) in water, electrolyzed water with a strong sterilization effect can be easily produced.
Almost all pathogenic microorganism can be sterilized with low concentrateed hypochlorite containing water.

(Field of use)
Sanitary control at the kitchen
Hospital(preventing infection)

Bath sterilization


The use for Waterworks

Principle of Electrolysis System

In the water, the chloride is always contained a little. This chlorine ion is the raw material for the electrolysis, and if this water is electrolyzed with no diaphragm, chlorine (Cl2) is generated in the anode, and NaOH (caustic soda) and hydrogen (H2) are generated in the cathode side. Hydrogen becomes a gas and it is dispersed in the air. Chlorine and Caustic soda generate Hypochlorite soda (NaClO) which have a bactericidal effect with instantaneously reacting in the liquid.

NaCl+H2O→ electrolysis →NaClO+H2

The chlorine concentrations in water will be decreased if the water is stored in a distribution reservoir or water strage tank.
The hypochlorite generator reliably makes drinkable water by increasing the disinfection effect of the water with the use of electrolytic decomposition and boosting the low chlorine concentrations in the water without adding chemical solitions.

Hypochlorite Generator Models

Introductory Track Record
Monks from the Ichinyoan Hermitage of Todaiji Temple in Nara, Japan volunteered to dig wells in Cambodia and secure safe drinking water.
Eight-Tec assisted them with the hypochlorite generator.
Yamah Motor Co., Ltd. adopted the hypochlorite generator for the disinfection equipment of their mini-purification plant to secure safe water for domestic use in Indonesia.